What People Thought About This Chuck Cheese Pizza

What People Thought About This Chuck Cheese Pizza


A reader recently inquired about Chuck Cheese Pizza menu, and I replied that I had not. I admit that I had not been following CEC’s recent advancements. I’m embarrassed.


However, I remember reading somewhere that they are attempting to attract a more mature audience, or at the very least make the experience more bearable for parents.


So, on Sunday, I went to the CEC on Hyland Drive in Henrietta with my wife and teenage daughter.


Pizza Was All Ok

We proceeded to the counter after going through security. We went for the #1 (Big) offer, which includes one large Chuck Cheese Pizza, four soft drinks (even though there were only three of us), and 30 minutes of unlimited gaming for $35 Chuck Cheese Coupons. I got a pepperoni Chuck Cheese Pizza that was “Thin & Crispy.” It’s not available in a medium-size, therefore I’m guessing the crusts are pre-made. That, however, was not surprising.


Pizza Was Served Trough Table Number

We were given a number and the meal was brought to our table, so I suppose these counts as “fast-casual.” It took a little longer than I thought, about 20 minutes, but the Chuck Cheese Pizza was good. It wasn’t perfect, but it wasn’t terrible either.


Nothing To Complain About Pizza

I should emphasize that I was starving at this point. I hadn’t eaten since the night before, and it was approximately 1 p.m. And I didn’t have high hopes. However, I attempted to look at the Chuck Cheese Pizza objectively, and I couldn’t find anything to complain about.


With some screen markings, the underside was a touch sharp. The inside is chewy and solid, not crackly. The cheese had been caramelized and was mushy and gooey in texture. The pepperoni was mediocre, and the sauce was a little too sweet.


Pizza Was Very Salty


The saltiness was by far my greatest gripe. I’m a salt fiend, but this was a little too much for me in certain parts. I had the feeling (and my daughter confirmed it) that they sprinkled the whole dish with garlic salt at some point, with certain areas receiving much too much. Please leave the garlic powder and salt to me, but not to the point of being inedible. Still, in general, it’s not horrible.


Salad Bar Served With Pizza


In terms of non-pizza items, I noted that they sell beer and wine, but I’m not sure whether drinking would make dealing with a swarm of screaming children any easier or worse. Diet Pepsi was my beverage of choice (they had caffeine-free, which I appreciated). The salad bar had a very conventional selection of items, but it looked excellent for a salad bar. The sneeze screen was too high to prevent children’s expectorants, but I doubt they’ll use it very often.


They Give Half An Hour For Fun Time


We went on to the games when we completed our Chuck Cheese Pizza

Chuck Cheese Pizza. With our first game, the clock on our card started ticking, giving us 30 minutes to play as much as possible.


Music After Every Few Minutes


I remember going to a CEC when the animatronic band would come out and “perform” music every few minutes. This site featured a much smaller replica of that in the rear, perhaps as a homage to their history, but gaming took up most of the entertainment area.


Activities Was For Children

Many of them were obviously intended for little children. I was unhappy that they didn’t have an air hockey table other than one that was so little that I would have been ashamed to use it unless I was deliberately losing to a child on the other end. The basketball free-throw game was entertaining, but most of the activities were designed for children.


I’ve often puzzled why some of these arcades aren’t licensed as gambling parlors, since you earn tickets for each game that you can exchange for cash. I believe I found out why after that. We ended up on a game where you just press a button and it gives out tickets after we’d had our fill of skill-based games. Like a slot machine, in a way. We left with a boatload of tickets and a tiny bag of cotton candy for an additional 20 cents. As a result, it differs from a casino. You’ll never leave with more money than you started with, no matter what you do or how well you do.


Little Flattering About Overall Experience

Was it, therefore, worthwhile? I guess. For $35, we received a decent Chuck Cheese Pizza, soft drinks, and 30 minutes of gaming. I’m not planning on returning anytime soon, but the Chuck Cheese Pizza was decent. Maybe that’s a little flattering, but that’s about it. I was pleasantly surprised. That’s everything for now.

Chuck Cheese Pizza is a popular chain of restaurants in the United States.


Hyland Drive is 1000 feet long (Jay Scutti Plaza)


Sun. – Thu. 11 a.m. – 9 p.m.

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