Do I need to be Good in Physics for Computer Science?

Have you heard that one of the occupations with the biggest growth potential is data analyst? The best data analysts in the world, in my opinion, are physicists. One of the best degrees to prepare you for jobs in emerging technologies is a degree in physics! Most candidates for a computer science bachelor’s degree will have studied advanced math, physics, and other pertinent science courses in high school. These candidates often excel in arithmetic and have an interest in science, including physics.


Throughout the history of computers, physicists have used computers to tackle the most challenging challenges. They:

  • Solve mathematical puzzles that are otherwise intractable.
  • Model challenging dynamical and random systems.
  • Connect analysis tools and hardware for experiments.
  • The development of big data analysis methods in the world.

The most cutting-edge methods are being used or developed in several fields of physics, including:

  • machine learning/artificial intelligence.
  • programming on graphics cards.
  • quantum computing.

Data and computer science require math skills as a given, but where does physics come in? The requirements for earning a bachelor’s and master’s degree in computer science, as well as the kinds of employment you can get with both, will be examined.

Physics-Related Prerequisites, Requirements, and Curriculum for the Computer Science Degree Programme

Physics is a fundamental branch of science that employs mathematics to organize facts in order to understand how the universe functions. Additionally, it has facilitated the development of novel, sophisticated artificial intelligence, and machine learning technologies.

1.      McGill University

The ties between the computer science and physics curricula at McGill University are developed for a joint major as follows: “Computer science and physics are complementary disciplines. While computer science boosts the ability to create practical and profitable applications and has its own theoretical fascination, physics offers an analytical problem-solving viewpoint and a fundamental grasp of nature.” Dynamics of Simple Systems, Experimental Methods, Discrete Structures, and Algorithm Design are among the courses required for this degree. Graduates of their undergraduate programme possess a special set of abilities that are suitable for positions such as systems analyst, computational physicist, network administrator, video game developer, or web developer.

2.    Tufts University

First-year coursework at Tufts University’s Bachelor of Science in Computer Science includes physics for both the fall and spring semesters, as well as one option in natural science or mathematics. The study of quantum mechanics, electromagnetic fields, thermal physics, and statistical physics are all options for students. The remaining coursework is heavily weighted in math, although the physics courses are prerequisites that must be done early in one’s program of study.

3.    Loyola University Chicago

A Bachelor of Science in Physics with Computer Science is available at Loyola University Chicago. Noted on the school’s website: “This major can be used as a springboard for graduate work in physics, applied physics, computer science, and a few engineering specialities. Students that are interested in cross-disciplinary fields like quantum computing, scientific computing, computational physics, intelligent systems, optics, and optical communication, etc. would find it extremely helpful.”

4.    American Institute of Physics

Understanding and applying physics in computer science has importance and can be useful in unforeseen ways. The American Institute of Physics reports that undergraduate physics graduates perform exceptionally well on the MCAT and LSAT tests, outperforming only economics and mathematics majors in each case. Many physics graduates may not pursue professions as computer scientists, but they do use their knowledge in fields like medicine, law, and finance.

Jobs in Computer Science Requiring Physics Competence

In a study of professions in the private sector, the American Institute of Physics discovered that physicists working in computer science said the intellectual challenge was the best part of their jobs. “Physicists employed in industry and predominantly active in computer science described working on software design, development, testing, debugging, optimization, programming including database construction and maintenance, product implementation, and software maintenance,” the report states.

Many positions for software engineers with a degree requirement in computer engineering, mathematics, or physics are offered on and other job sites. Employers with open opportunities in computer science are looking for overlapping skill sets that are possessed by CS majors; the same profile characterizes ideal candidates for software development and programmer jobs.

Studying up on Physics

Simply put, learning more about physics requires effort. You’ll notice links between fields more as you study it more.

You might feel at ease with your physics knowledge and skill set if you have an engineering degree already. However, if you are nearing the end of your undergraduate studies and want to enroll in a computer science graduate school, you might wish to mix some physics classes with your computer science courses.

Going back to school to get a master’s degree can be advantageous for computer scientists who are currently working. Physics may be more important to your career in computer science than you initially thought, depending on your area of interest and specialisation.


The most interdisciplinary of the sciences, physics offers compatibility with many other branches of science, math, and engineering. Many of our graduates work in a variety of industries as team and project leaders since their extensive knowledge base enables them to interact with various technical groups. Remember that physics is also the key to unlocking both the biggest and smallest enigmas in the cosmos.

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