Best EMR Options for Small Clinics in 2023

Meta: What’s your pick, Raintree or Centricity? We will help you figure it out in this Raintree
EHR vs. Centricity EMR comparison guide. So, let's begin.
What do you think is the best way to compare EHR platforms? Is going with the feature analysis
the right approach? Or should we look into the reviews? If you ask for a sincere opinion, we
suggest you start by looking at the prime areas of concern. This single step will cut your efforts
to half as it will save you the trouble of evaluating EHR vendors only to find out it's not a suitable
fit for your practiced specialty.

We will elaborate on this in this Raintree EHR vs. Centricity EMR guide. But, first, we will
compare both, starting right from the markets served.
Markets Served
The topmost factor to explore in any EHR comparison is the markets served. You must know if
the vendor you are looking into is capable of handling your practice requirements. SSo, we will
start this Raintree EHR vs. Centricity EHR comparison by exploring their subject areas.
Raintree EHR
Raintree is an EMR for:
 Physical Therapy
 Occupational Therapy
 Speech-Language Pathology
 Rehabilitation
 Pediatric Therapy
 Applied Behavioral Analysis
Centricity EMR
Centricity is an EMR for:
 Adequacy of Anesthesia
 Breast Care
 Cardiology
 Electrophysiology
 Federal Health
 Hybrid OR
 Intensive Care Unit
 Labor and Delivery
 Neurology
 Obstetrics and Gynecology
 Oncology
 Orthopedics
 Ambulatory Surgery Centers
 Patient Care Solutions
 Radiology
 Rural Health
 Stroke Solutions
 Theranostics
From this analysis, we gathered that Centricity and Raintree EHR tend to different healthcare
practices. As a result, there is no common specialty among them, meaning you just have to go
with the one offering your preferred specialty services.
Exploring The Reviews
Next, we have the review assessment in this Raintree EHR vs. Centricity EMR guide. Again,
evaluating the EHR solutions from the user’s perspective is imperative to making an informed
decision. In addition, the unbiased opinions of the caregivers will enable you to pay attention to
details. So, let’s get to it.
Centricity EHR Reviews:
The reviews of centricity EHR are also quite appealing. Medical professionals rely on centricity
ehr because of its diverse features spectrum. According to the reviews, centricity EMR is easy
to use, reliable and configurable. It puts an end to the miseries of caregivers by providing them
a way out of traditional clinical methodologies. The software effectively handles the needs of
multi-disciplinary practices saying no to communication gaps and ensuring smooth information

 Processing bills is a straightforward task with Centricity EHR.
 Shaping clinical workflow is no more a painstaking task, as this vendor presents
automated capabilities to do so.
 Documenting patient records has never been too easy.
 Per the reviews, conducting healthcare diagnosis is a fun activity with Centricity EMR, as
the vendor features numerous built-in imaging tools.
 Reviews suggest Centricity EMR is equipped with essential educational resources.
Thus, getting the hang of it is not hard.

As mentioned in the reviews, one of the considerable drawbacks of Centricity is that it lacks
cost-effective plans for small-scale practices.
Raintree EHR Reviews
The physicians say nothing can go wrong with Raintree EHR by their side. The vendor pays
attention to even the smallest details and thus handles all clinical challenges like a pro.  Its end-
to-end services, like voice recognition, automated scheduling and payment collection, add value
to a practice’s productivity. In the reviews, users refer to Raintree as an ideal therapeutic
solution. It leaves nothing out, presenting clients with a feature-rich solution to work with. Here’s
more into what reviews tell about the integrated capabilities of Raintree software.

 Its robust billing module maximizes revenue collections and cuts down administrative
 The users appreciate the patient engagement module of Raintree EHR as it
compliments their offered services.
 As per the reviews, it crafts secured payor-provider channels, ensuring nothing goes
sideways when it comes to finances.
 The customer representatives pay attention to detail and readily respond to all issues.
 Therapists share in the reviews that Raintree EHR says no to paper clutter taking the
entire clinical database online.

According to the reviews, getting the hang of the ins and outs of Raintree is a troublesome
activity. Besides that, no major flaw is outlined by the customers.
The Price Assessment:

How can we skip the pricing element while comparing the Raintree EHR vs Centricity EMR. Any
comparison is incomplete without covering the pricing aspect. So, let's walk you through the
cost details of our respective solutions one by one. So, stick with us a little more.
Centricity EMR Pricing
Diving into the pricing bundles of Centricity EMR is out of the question. Actually, Centricity EMR
has not publicly revealed its pricing structure. So, we can’t evaluate how much it costs. As the
pricing range of EMR solutions like Centricity is subject to variations, relying on the estimated
price tags shared by the customers is not a good option. So, do some effort on your end and
request the pricing info of Centricity EMR by reaching out to the vendor.
Raintree EHR Pricing:
Considering Raintree is a comprehensive EHR presenting an intuitive suite of therapeutic
solutions, we think it must be a heavy-budget solution. But it's just all in our heads. We can’t say
anything for sure. Like the former EHR, Raintree has also not shared its pricing details.
Therefore, you need to send a custom quote to get your hands on the pricing plans. It is the only
way to obtain solid pricing details of Raintree EMR.
What’s More!
You might have noticed that we didn’t bother penning down the feature range of the two
vendors. It is because you can simply go through it by visiting their official web pages. So, go
through the feature range, and you will know a significant difference in their offerings. You can
learn even more detailed insights by booking a demo with Raintree and Centricity EMR.

So, set up a demo with Raintree and Centricity EMR before investing in any of them. This way,
you will get the opportunity to finely evaluate their features too. Also, you can use Centricity
EMR and Raintree demo to assess their learning curve. So, give it a thought and think wisely,
as it is a matter of your practice’s future.

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